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Basic security for your laptop

Last modified on 19-02-2024 15:47
You are personally responsible for securing your laptop. Follow the steps below to make sure your laptop is well protected.
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Set up automatic screen locking

Set up automatic screen locking (hibernation mode) so that your screen can only be unlocked with a password. 

Always lock your screen when leaving your workstation

Never leave your laptop unattended. When leaving your workstation, even if only for a moment, always lock your screen:

  • Windows: shortcut key combination Ctrl-Alt-Delete or Windows key + L(ock).
  • Mac: shortcut key combination CTRL + CMD + Q.
  • Linux: shortcut key combination Ctrl-Alt-L (may not work on some versions of Linux).

Outsmart hackers by updating your software regularly

Make sure you are always working with the latest software versions (of your operating system and browser, among other things) by updating the software regularly. If you are running the latest software versions, you run the least risk of coming under attack from computer viruses. This is because viruses exploit the vulnerabilities in less recent software versions. Updating regularly also ensures you benefit from new and improved functionalities. 

If you have a software licence, these updates are free of charge. Don't ignore them - install them straight away!

Install antivirus software

Install antivirus software, preferably a virus killer that includes a firewall. You can find free antivirus software on the internet or buy antivirus software at a discount from SURFSpotExternal link.

Tip: use Microsoft 365 free of charge

UvA students can use Microsoft 365 free of charge by logging in with their UvAnetID. Microsoft 365 is a bundle of programmes such as OneDrive, Teams, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

With Microsoft 365 you can work easily and safely with others in the cloud. It allows you to:

  • make video calls, chat and collaborate online with others
  • share files and work in them at the same time
  • use your files any time and anywhere - on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC. You have plenty of storage space.


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