What is your study programme?

Grants for students in special circumstances

Last modified on 21-04-2022
Semi-professional sport, pregnancy, a board position alongside your studies or simply force majeure. As a student, you may find yourself in a situation that leads to financial problems or study delays. Find out what kind of financial support is available.
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What is your study programme?
  • Emergency FundIf you are a UvA student or PhD candidate facing financial difficulties because of an emergency, you can apply to the Emergency Fund for assistance.
  • Profiling FundThe UvA Profiling Fund offers financial assistance to students who have incurred a study completion delay due to exceptional personal circumstances or having served on a board for a year.
  • Administrative Body Membership GrantBeing a board member of a student association, student organisation or student council can sometimes take up so much time that you incur a delay in completing your studies. You can apply for an Administrative Body Membership Grant to compensate you for situations like this.
  • AUF: support for refugeesExternal linkThe Amsterdam University Fund (AUF) provides grants to refugees who are already studying at the UvA or who have been admitted as a student. This is a financial contribution towards study costs.
  • AUF student fund: UkraineExternal linkUvA students who need financial help because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine apply to an emergency fund supported through crowdfunding and a substantial contribution from the Amsterdam University Fund (AUF).
  • Private fundsAre you in financial difficulties? In some cases you may be able to apply to a private organisation for a grant or scholarship. Each organisation sets its own acceptance criteria.