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Digital accessibility

Last modified on 03-04-2024 13:25
The digital information that the UvA and AUAS offer must be accessible to people with a disability. We are doing our utmost to make sure of this.
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Not all digital information offered by the UvA and AUAS is fully accessible yet. We strive to complete this project in the coming years.

The UvA’s and AUAS’ information provision must comply with the digital accessibility guidelines standard AA. Among other things, this means that all students have the opportunity to work with screen readers, that contrast and colour use have been taken into account and that knowledge clips have subtitles. These guidelines apply not only to websites, but also to web-based applications and online manuals. For more information on digital accessibility, visit the following websites:

Complaints about digital accessibility

If you believe that the digital accessibility of a certain service is not sufficient, let us know so that we can ask the system owner to take action. Send a message to digitaletoegankelijkheid@uva.nlExternal link.


Digital accessibility

Are you finding problems with digital accessibility? Let us know and we'll make sure that the system owner is notified and can take action.

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