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What is your study programme?
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Develop your study skills

Last modified on 13-02-2024 18:17
Reading and processing articles and course literature, planning your studying, revising for exams, academic writing and choosing priorities in your free time and studies: studying at university calls for the development of study skills. The UvA offers online tips, workshops and more.
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What is your study programme?
  • Study methods and study skillsThe following pages contain tips on how to improve your study skills. How do you start learning from a book or article, for example, and how do you write an academic text? If you’re having problems with studying in general, e.g. a lack of motivation or procrastination, check out the page on dealing with obstacles.
  • Study skills workshops External linkJoin a workshop on planning, efficient reading, processing study material or taking exams. Open the calendar in Corsizio and use the filter 'study skills'.
  • Help with academic writingIf you want help or advice to improve your academic writing skills, the UvA offers free options to do so in both English and Dutch.
  • E-coaching Available in Dutch only, this coaching programme focuses on time management and effective studying.