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What is your study programme?
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Dealing with obstacles

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The following pages give you tips on how to deal with a number of obstacles that may arise during the course of your studies. How do you deal with procrastination or exam stress, for example? If you want to develop your study skills, e.g. to improve your level of concentration, check out the page on study skills.
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What is your study programme?
  • Staying motivated If you’re motivated, studying on a daily basis will be no trouble at all. But how do you find and maintain this motivation?
  • Preventing procrastination Procrastination can have a detrimental effect on your studies. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent procrastination.
  • Overcoming writer’s blockSometimes you might get a mental block when writing a text. This is known as writer's block. This page gives you tips on how to overcome it.
  • Dealing with exam stressFeeling stressed during an exam is normal. But if the stress becomes too much, it will adversely affect your performance. You can find tips on how to reduce exam stress below.
  • Dealing with worriesNegative thoughts and worries can be very annoying. How do you calm that storm in your head?
  • Social skills at uniWhen you start studying at university you’ll meet a lot of new people. But how do you get to know them?