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Concerns about the situation in Israel and Gaza

Published on 09-10-2023
Hamas's attack on Israel, the ongoing fighting and Israel's response are all of great concern to the UvA – innocent lives are being lost, civilians are in danger, the war is escalating.
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Last week there were seven UvA students and three UvA employees in Israel, and no student or employees in Gaza. The students and employees in the region were contacted and offered assistance with returning to the Netherlands. On Wednesday afternoon, all but one of the people who indicated they needed this, had safely arrived in the Netherlands. We are in contact with the one remaining student who is currently in a safe area. 

There are many UvA employees and students with family and friends in the region - this war is also affecting all of them. If you, as a student or employee, are affected by this situation and need support, you can find more information here: Help in a crisis - student.uva.nl or contact a confidential adviser: contact a confidential adviser - student.uva.nl

Emotions surrounding this conflict may run high. We call on everyone to treat each other with respect, even when opinions differ. Calls for discrimination, hatred and violence are not tolerated by the UvA. The UvA should be a safe place for students and employees.

Update 18 October 2023

The armed conflict in Israel and the Palestinian territories stirs up many emotions, including within the UvA ranks. As the Executive Board, we have received numerous responses and requests for support.

Our priority last week was the safe return of our employees and students from Israel and the Palestinian territories. We now want to focus on the university as a safe environment for all employees and students, regardless of their origin, background or political beliefs - a place of connection.

Our academic staff can play an important role in the public debate, helping to explain and understand the context of the enduring conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people. As the Executive Board, we believe this is an important task for our university. At the same time, we urgently appeal to the entire academic community to maintain peace and unity, and to constantly show consideration and respect for each other.