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Peter-Paul Verbeek starts as new UvA Rector Magnificus19-09-2022
Next week Peter-Paul Verbeek (1970) starts as Rector Magnificus and member of the Executive Board of the UvA for a period of four years.
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New gas contract for the University of Amsterdam15-09-2022
The University of Amsterdam will be switching gas suppliers from 1 January 2023 onwards. The switch is necessary because current supplier DVEP is withdrawing from the Dutch market and is not entering into any new contracts. The gas crisis will push up the costs of our new contract, and new energy-saving measures will be introduced to limit costs.
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Save the date: Study Abroad Fair 202213-09-2022
Are you interested in spending part of your studies virtually or physically in another country? Then join us at the Roeterseilandcampus for the Study Abroad Fair 2022, the leading information event of the UvA on studying abroad.
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Delays in the processing of UvA accounts for students 06-09-2022
Since 1 September, it may take longer for new students to gain access to their UvA accounts than previously announced.
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Join the course and don’t waste your waste06-09-2022
On 1 September our journey towards reducing waste has started. From now on, we’re going to keep our waste flows pure, separate them into 4 waste bins and turn them into new products.
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Science Park: More than 200 study spaces in brand new LAB42 05-09-2022
LAB42 is the new hub for talent development in the field of Digital Innovation and AI in Science Park. Here, the Library has realized 225 new study places responding to the different needs of students. With a varied offer: from lively spaces to chat with others to quiet spaces to isolate yourself from the world.
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The new student site is live05-09-2022
The student site has been given a whole new look and navigation, enabling you to find the right information around your study programme quickly and all in one place.
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Do you have an original idea for a new UvA course? Join the Create a Course Challenge29-08-2022
Do you have an original idea for an addition to the UvA curriculum? With the start of the academic year, the new edition of the Create a Course Challenge is now in full swing! The IIS challenges all UvA students to submit ideas for a brand new elective course.
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Earn gift cards with your opinion29-08-2022
Want to earn gift cards with your opinion? Sign up for the UvA panel! As a panel member for this UvA research panel, you can participate in research when you want to and win gift vouchers each time you do so. Give your opinion on, for example, the new student website or the UvA sustainability policy and help us improve the university.
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Daan Rademaekers starts this week as the new UvA student assessor29-08-2022
The new student assessor Rademaekers hopes to be able to be a bridge between the students and the Executive Board. His focus areas are internationalisation, mental health and the effects of corona on education.