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Last modified on 21-06-2022
If you are experiencing inappropriate behaviour, you can contact any UvA confidential adviser no matter which faculty you are enrolled at. 
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What is your study programme?

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You are free to contact any of the confidential advisers listed below. The person you choose does not need to be employed by your faculty. You can also call or email to arrange a Zoom or Skype meeting while we are still partially studying from home due to the COVID-19 measures. 

Find out more about how confidential advisers can help on our webpage confidential advisers: if you encounter undesirable behaviour.

Arjen Berkvens - coordinating confidential adviser

Afbeelding van Arjen Berkvens

On 1 April, Arjen Berkvens started as coordinating confidential adviser at UVA. In this new position Arjen will make a contribution to the further expansion and professionalisation of the work of confidential advisers within the UVA.

'I am very motivated to do this work. It is of great importance that an organisation such as a university has a safe working environment. Undesirable behaviour can cause great damage to employees, students and the organisation as a whole. If someone experiences something unpleasant, it must be possible to report it in confidence.'

You can reach Arjen at A.Berkvens@uva.nlExternal link.

Eloe Kingma

Afbeelding van Eloe Kingma
Dr E. (Eloe) Kingma has served as managing director of the Faculty of Humanities' Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis since 1994.

‘I have been the designated contact person for PhD students at the ASCA research school for many years now. Thanks to that experience, I am well aware that the power imbalances and sense of dependency so many university staff and students experience can lead to sensitive situations. I will be happy to help you deal with any conflicts and hopefully contribute to a more balanced relationship.

As confidential advisers, we also keep the Board and representative advisory bodies informed about any issues in the workplace. I encourage everyone who experiences inappropriate behaviour to report it. We need to bring these issues to light so that the Board can restore and build trust by responding in an adequate and transparent manner.’

You can reach Eloe at E.Kingma@uva.nlExternal link or 020 525 38 74.

Marita Mathijsen

Picture of Marita Mathijsen
Professor M.T.C. (Marita) Mathijsen-Verkooijen is emeritus professor of Modern Dutch Literature at the Faculty of Humanities.

'Universities should offer a safe environment for both staff and students. No one should ever have to feel intimidated, discriminated against, threatened or excluded. However, upsetting incidents can still happen. If they do, it's important to seek out help. Our confidential advisers are here to help you find a way out of the situation. You can always turn to them for help, no matter how sensitive your situation may be. Our advisers are bound by confidentiality, so anything you discuss will stay between you and them.

As an emeritus professor (Modern Dutch Literature) with a zero-percent appointment, I believe I'm well positioned to play a valuable role as confidential adviser. I don't have any interests that could conflict with the issues that might come up. Sexual harassment, bullying, aggression and discrimination: I hope I can play my part in ensuring that these forms of inappropriate behaviour are never tolerated at the University of Amsterdam.’

You can reach Marita at M.T.C.Mathijsen-Verkooijen@uva.nlExternal link or 020 525 47 23.

Juliette Parlevliet

Dr. Juliette L. Parlevliet
Dr. Juliette L. Parlevliet is a clinical geriatrician at Amsterdam UMC and the coordinator of OVV-3 bachelor in Medicine.

Juliette is a clinical geriatrician at Amsterdam UMC, location AMC. She has been working at the Faculty of Medicine for years and studied here herself. “As a confidential advisor I hope to achieve that we can create an even better learning environment. I hope that we can address things that went wrong and that we are always open for feedback of how things can come across. Just talking about a social safety incident with another person can already be very relieving. Don’t hesitate to contact me.” 

You can reach Juliette at  j.l.parlevliet@amsterdamumc.nlExternal link, 06-50051229.

Wim van Aalderen

Portrait of dr. Wim van Aalderen
Dr W.M.C. (Wim) van Aalderen is professor of Paediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine.

'I am confidential adviser for Postgraduate House Officers (AIOS), Senior House Officers (ANIOS), medical students at Amsterdam UMC, and medical students doing a (clinical) internship outside Amsterdam UMC.
As a confidential adviser I am driven to improve the vulnerable position these groups find themselves in as low-level employees in a community based around master-apprentice relationships. This imbalance inevitably raises the risk of inappropriate behaviour and harassment. A safe learning environment will lead to better doctors and a better working relationship. A safe working environment is also essential to patient safety.'

You can reach Wim at W.M.vanaalderen@amsterdamumc.nlExternal link, 020 566 4094 or 06 22 43 91 90.

Mirjam Koelewijn

Picture of Mirjam Koelewijn
Mirjam Koelewijn is communications officer at the Social Sciences College & Graduate School (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences).

'I want to help create a good, healthy and safe learning and working environment and a pleasant atmosphere at the UvA. I am always happy to listen and offer guidance to any students experiencing inappropriate and transgressive behaviour in the workplace or here at the university. Safety, thoroughness and transparency are extremely important to me and are central to my work as a confidential adviser. Having taken several courses in Nonviolent Communication, I have learned to tune in to the other person's feelings and concerns. I can quickly assess a situation and identify someone's feelings and needs. Those skills always come in handy during my work as a confidential adviser. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are experiencing any form of inappropriate behaviour. It's best to contact me by email. Send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.'

You can reach Mirjam at M.G.Koelewijn@uva.nlExternal link or 020 525 47 07.

Myrthe van Amstel

Portrait of Myrthe van Amstel

'As a confidential adviser, I want to offer colleagues and students an accessible way to raise matters related to unacceptable behaviour. In this way, I want to contribute to a healthy and safe working and learning environment at the UvA.'

You can reach Myrthe at M.vanAmstel@uva.nlExternal link or 020 525 6017.

Erik van Arkel

afbeelding Erik van Arkel
Erik van Arkel serves as operational management coordinator at the Faculty of Law's Public Law department and runs CATREAL.COM, a private company focused on increasing the resilience of people and organisations.

'I think it's important that students can learn in a safe environment and feel comfortable talking to their lecturers if something goes wrong. But I also know that there can be situations where that's difficult or impossible or where the person in question simply doesn't want to. In those cases, it's important to have someone else to confide in. As a confidential adviser, I always make sure to be accessible, open up a dialogue and listen without judging. Next, I try to help the person move forward and resolve the situation. In many cases, people have already tried to solve their own problems before contacting me. That's really not necessary as far as I'm concerned. People should feel free to bring up whatever is bothering them even if they haven't thought it all through yet.’

You can reach Erik at e.vanarkel@uva.nlExternal link or 020 525 34 51.

Inge van der Stap

Picture of Inge van der Stap
Inge van der Stap works as a diversity officer and policy officer at the Faculty of Dentistry (ACTA).

'As a diversity officer, I try to create a safe and inclusive study and work environment where all students and staff feel safe and welcome. We want to make sure that everyone feels at home here and is free to develop their potential. I always try to listen without judging and ask constructive questions from a place of genuine interest. As a confidential adviser, I can support students and help them find potential solutions to their issues. You can also get in touch if you just need someone to listen.'

You can reach Inge at i.vander.stap@acta.nlExternal link or 06 115 35 302 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday).

Gerrie Veenstra

Picture of Gerrie Veenstra
Gerrie Veenstra works as a general practitioner and teaches oral medicine at the Faculty of Dentistry (ACTA).

'I was a confidant to many patients during my time as a GP. I have heard a lot of personal stories, and some of my patients clearly didn't live in safe environments. Listening carefully, supporting people and helping them find solutions has always been an important part of my work, both during my time as a general practitioner and in my current role as a confidential adviser. Accessible and trusted. I hope I can help make the ACTA a safer place so that everyone gets to enjoy a pleasant working environment.'

You can reach Gerrie at gerrie.veenstra@acta.nlExternal link or 06 262 96 946 (Wednesday, Thursday).

Rixt Polder

Picture of Rixt Polder
Rixt Polder works as alumni relations project leader at the Alumni Relations Office and University Fund and serves as the university's central confidential adviser.

'It's important that our students have someone to turn to if they want to discuss their problems without fear of being judged or suffering any consequences. I always try to be as accessible as possible and schedule appointments within two days. I'm a good listener and am always eager to help resolve any difficult situations you might encounter during your studies.'

You can reach Rixt at A.Polder@uva.nlExternal link, or 06 18 99 49 30.

Belle Jansen

Picture of Belle Jansen
Belle Jansen has been working as a communications officer at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (Faculty of Science) since 2021 and is also a yoga teacher and freelance copywriter.

'Not sure what to do in - or after - a situation in which you’ve experienced inappropriate and undesirable behaviour, such as discrimination, aggression or violence, bullying or sexual harassment? Send me a message if you want to share your experience with me in confidence. Together, we can discuss what you are going through and I can support you in what you need. Anything you experience as unacceptable behaviour is worth discussing, even if you’re not sure if it meets the definition of inappropriate behaviour. It could be about a situation you've witnessed or something you've experienced yourself. As a confidential adviser, I provide you with a safe space to tell your story confidentially and, if you wish, anonymously. Depending on what you need, I can think along with you and guide you in the steps towards a solution.'

You can reach Belle at B.k.jansen@uva.nlExternal link or 020-525 5512.

Kristien van Lunen

Picture Kristien van Lunen
Kristien van Lunen works as a programme coordinator at the Faculty of Science and is also a trained coach.

'I believe that the UvA should be a safe, healthy and pleasant learning and working environment for students and colleagues. If you experience bullying, discrimination, threatening, sexual harassment or any other form of undesirable behaviour, however, it is good if you can talk to someone in confidence. You are most welcome to come and talk to me, I will listen to you without judgement. If you want, I can help you resolve a difficult situation and give you the information you need. If you mail or call me, we can schedule an appointment within two days.' 

You can reach Kristien at c.a.p.vanlunen@uva.nlExternal link or 06 28957732.