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What is your study programme?
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Help in a crisis

Last modified on 30-05-2024 16:01
Has your home country been hit by a crisis, such as war or a natural disaster? Have you or your family been affected and does this put you at risk of study delays, financial difficulties or mental health problems? The UvA can offer support in various ways.
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What is your study programme?
  • Student counsellorsThe UvA student counsellors are available to support you in case of special circumstances that affect your study progress.
  • Study adviserThe study adviser can help you with questions about your curriculum, your planning or personal circumstances that are affecting your studies.
  • UvA PsychologistsAre stress or mental health problems interfering with your studies? The UvA's psychologists can offer various types of support such as groups, workshops, courses or consultations.
  • Emergency FundIf you are a UvA student or PhD candidate facing financial difficulties because of an emergency, you can apply to the Emergency Fund for assistance.
  • Profiling FundThe UvA Profiling Fund offers financial assistance to students who have incurred a study completion delay due to force majeure or exceptional circumstances.
  • AUF: support for refugeesExternal linkAUF provides grants to refugees who are studying at the UvA or are about to start. This is a financial contribution for study costs.
  • Fund due to the war in GazaGiven the anger and bewilderment of many UvA staff and students at the loss of life and destruction of educational infrastructure in Gaza, the UvA has set up a fund to provide assistance.