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Study advisors

The study advisor is there to help students with a wide range of questions and problems relating to their studies. You can contact the study advisor via this link.

You can visit the study advisor when:

  • You want general information on the study programme
  • You want to inform the programme about personal circumstances that may affect your studies, such as illness.
  • You have questions about arranging research projects/internships
  • You want advice on how to deal with individual circumstances that may affect your study, such as: studying with a handicap/chronic illness, combining your study with work, performing top-class sports, etc.
  • You want advice with regards to study planning, for example when you have a study delay.
  • You are looking for referral to lecturers, committees, services or departments within UvA.
  • You have a complaint about the study programme, lecturers, exam results, or other aspects of the learning environment.
  • You have doubts about the programme or have decided you want to switch programmes.