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What is your study programme?

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Last modified on 26-06-2023 14:42
You can view your marks on the 'study results' page, on the My UvA app or in the Student Information System (SIS).View your study results directly
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What is your study programme?

At the moment you can view your marks in three ways. The UvA is working hard to improve apps for students and will bring together more and more information on student.uva.nl.

View your study results directly

View all your marks on the study results page.

Use the MyUvA app

You receive a push notification through the MyUvA app with every new study result.

Login to SIS

Login to SISExternal link and go to 'My study details' in the left-hand menu. Under 'My study results' you will find an overview of your results.

  • If you have passed the course, you will see the final mark with the corresponding number of credits (ECTS).
  • You receive an email with every new result or change in SIS.
  • In SIS, under 'Transcript', you can also download and print a copy of your academic transcript.

If your study results are incorrect or not visible, fill in this formExternal link.