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Plagiarism and Fraud

Last modified on 01-12-2023 13:06
The UvA deals forcefully with plagiarism. Students who have committed serious fraud may have their enrolment terminated and be no longer allowed to finish their study programme.
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Plagiarism detection in Canvas

Teachers can set up plagiarism detection for assignments in Canvas. The work you submit here is checked for plagiarism using software called Turnitin Similarity. The program compares your text with those of fellow students and with published texts worldwide. This results in a percentage that indicates the extent to which your submitted assignment corresponds with sources on the internet, journals and (previously) submitted documents by UvA students The teacher receives an overview of the results and gets an impression of the originality of your work.

Handing in an assignment with plagiarism detection

1. Open your assignment in Canvas

2. If the teacher has set up plagiarism detection, you will be asked to confirm that the document you are going to submit is your own original work.

3. You can then submit the assignment

Opening and interpreting a plagiarism report

Your teacher can set up the assignment to allow students to access to their plagiarism reports. They will only do this if this has an added didactical value and will inform you if they do this. On the Turnitin website you will find instructions on openingExternal link and interpretingExternal link the plagiarism report.

Protection of personal data

The intellectual property of your work is guaranteed. The files and accompanying data are only kept for the purpose of carrying out plagiarism checks and investigating possible cases of plagiarism. Under no circumstances does Turnitin become the owner of documents. The company must contractually comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG).