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By joining the UvA panel you'll be taking part in research about the student website, how the university communicates and more. Based on your answers, UvA staff can improve the university.Register for the UvA panel
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What is your study programme?

Earn gift vouchers with your opinion

Through the UvA panel you can have your say on what can be improved within the university. You do this by completing 10-mintue surveys or taking part in (online) interviews. With each survey, you'll have a 1 in 7 chance of winning a Bol.com gift voucher. You'll always earn a gift voucher if you do an interview. The value of the voucher depends on the length of the survey.

Participate when it suits you

You'll receive an email inviting you to participate in research about 10 times a year. The length of the survey depends on the subject and the design, but a questionnaire takes on average 5 minutes to complete and an interview - online or in person - takes 45 to 60 minutes. The length of the survey is always mentioned in the invitation email. You can choose per invitation whether you want to participate in that research.

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Your details will only be used for the UvA panel and will be analysed confidentially so that you can give your opinion freely. Read our UvA panel privacy statement.


The results of UvA panel studies are used to improve UvA policies, services and facilities. Read about recent UvA panel research, results and possible follow-up actions:



Do you have any questions, suggestions or complaints about the UvA panel? Please send us an email.

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