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What is your study programme?

Subsidies for student activities

Last modified on 10-10-2023 16:35
Does your student activity need some financial support? You can apply for a subsidy for projects, events and activities organised by and for students and study associations.
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What is your study programme?

UvA student associations and study associations seeking financial support for an initiative can apply to Stichting Toekenningen which manages a fund. The Amsterdam University Fund (AUF) also offers grants for various student projects.

Stichting Toekenningen

You can apply to Stichting Toekenningen for a subsidy for extracurricular activities as an individual or on behalf of a study association, student association or other student organisation. Preference is given to new or one-off initiatives that would otherwise not take place. You can also apply for a subsidy to set up a new student organisation.

 Apply for a subsidy from Stichting ToekenningenExternal link

Amsterdam University Fund (AUF)

If you want to do fieldwork, do an internship or temporarily study abroad, you may be eligible for the Individual Travel Grant from the Amsterdam University FundExternal link.

Read more about financial support for a project or trip organised by your student association or study associationExternal link.