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Studying abroad if you have a disability or face financial barriers

Last modified on 08-02-2024 11:34
Extra help and support is available for studying abroad if you have a disability or face financial barriers.
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What is your study programme?

Diversity and inclusion are core values ​​of the UvA. That's why we want all students to have the opportunity to go on an exchange, do an internship or research project abroad or otherwise gain international experience during their studies.

The inclusion top-up on your Erasmus+ grant

We do everything we can to make the Erasmus+ programme as inclusive as possible. If you're awarded an Erasmus+ grant, you can get a top-up if you're facing financial barriers or barriers related to a disability or health problem. We call this the inclusion top-up. You can request €250 monthly for periods abroad lasting longer than a month. More information, including application procedure details, is available on Canvas after you've been selected for an Erasmus+ grant.

Overview of accessible institutions

The Erasmus+ programme works together with UvA Ideas, a platform managed by students with a disability, to create an overview of institutions and other universities within Europe that are accessible. The overview will soon be available here. We also work with other universities and relevant organisations to share new developments and make improvements together.


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