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Student associations for academic or social engagement

Last modified on 03-04-2023 16:18
There are several student association focussed on academic or social engagement.
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ASDV (Bonaparte Amsterdam Student Debate Association)

ASDV was founded in 1998. Since then, Bonaparte has grown to be the best debating association in the Netherlands. Some members mainly come to debate, others for the social aspect. While Bonaparte has no initiations, mandatory attendance or sub-associations, it does has different committees any member can get involved in. Within the association it’s not important what you study, which political party you support or whether you’re a bachelor’s or master’s student. Throughout the year they organise various activities such as parties, dinners, film nights, a gala and different debating tournaments. Joining Bonaparte gives you the opportunity to heighten your intellect whilst enjoying student life. For further information, see Bonaparte’s websiteExternal link.

ASIF Ventures

ASIF Ventures is a venture capital fund targeted towards students in Amsterdam. ASIF invests university funds in start-ups founded and run by students and recent alumni. Through this, they seeks to bridge the gap between student entrepreneurs and venture capital financing. The association seeks to achieve this through their events, connections and investments. ASIF’s goal is to invigorate entrepreneurship in Amsterdam through the guiding of and investing in student-run start-ups. For further information, see ASIF Ventures’ websiteExternal link.

Enactus UvA (Social entrepreneurship)

Enactus strives to solve societal, economic and ecological problems in Amsterdam through entrepreneurship. Enactus is a network consisting of students, higher education and leaders in business. Together, they take action to change lives and work towards a better, renewable world. For further information, see Enactus’ websiteExternal link.

IFMSA-UvA (Medical)

IFMSA is an international medical student association focussed on Global Health and all surrounding matters. Many AMC students are members of IFMSA-UvA. As Global Health is quite a broad concept, IFMSA organises many different activities within this topic. For instance, the association organises clinical internships, research internships, specialisation courses and congresses. IFMSA is also known for the Teddy Bear Hospital, exchange programmes and education on sex and sexuality. For further information, see IFMSA’s websiteExternal link.

Mozaïek (Societal-medical)

Medical student association Mozaïek (MVM) consists of students who focus on societal issues that exist in the world of medicine. Since its conception in 2007, Mozaïek has sought to draw attention to these issues and has tried to contribute to solving them. 

SIB (Dutch United Nations Student Association)

SIB (Studentenvereniging voor Internationale Betrekkingen) is the choice internationally oriented student association in Amsterdam. Open for all students, regardless of their academic background. SIB has no obligations, but plenty of substance and good vibes. The association gets together every Wednesday for its weekly social at café Havelaar (Voetboogstraat 22) from 20:30 onwards; all are welcome to join in and get to know everyone. For further information, see SIB’s websiteExternal link.

(UNISCA) United Nations International Student Conference of Amsterdam 

UNISCA is the United Nations International Student Conference of Amsterdam. UNISCA is a foundation that organises Model United Nations (MUN) in conjunction with the University of Amsterdam. UNISCA offers an interdisciplinary summer course (worth 6 ECTS) based on the concept of Model United Nations. This course is not only an official MUN, it is an internationally approved course and open to students from all universities. Because of the 6 ECTS accreditation, UNISCA stands out amongst the other MUN-organisations.