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ASVA Student Union

Last modified on 13-12-2023 15:47
The ASVA Student Union represents the interests of all students in Amsterdam and can help you with matters such as finding a bicycle or housing.
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The ASVA Student UnionExternal link was founded in 1945 and has been representing student interests ever since. They focuses on promoting academic education and improving study conditions, among other things. ASVA also informs political parties about the current situation in education and reminds them of the consequences for students of government measures. They have several means to achieve these interests:

  • maintaining a dialogue with alderpersons and city councillors, or with the Executive Board
  • doing research in order to bring attention to issues, supported by evidence
  • lobbying for improved student housing
  • writing press releases and opinion articles
  • organising and supporting large-scale campaigns

The ASVA also offers students practical support: it sells affordable, legal, second-hand bikes every Tuesday. Furthermore, they have a handy lending service in CREA on the Roeterseiland Campus.