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Storing, sharing and emailing files securely

Last modified on 19-02-2024 15:50
Use the following software/tools to ensure the security of any files, documents and data, both yours and others’.
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Store your files in OneDrive or Teams

Safely store your files in OneDrive within the Microsoft365 Cloud. This ensures the safety of your data and provides automatic backups. It also allows you to access your documents anytime, anywhere – even in the event your laptop or computer crashes.  

Never store files with personal data on your computer or laptop's hard drive.

Share files via Teams or One Drive

If you want to work on particular files with others, you can safely do so using OneDrive or Teams. Do make sure that only authorised individuals have access to confidential data.

  • Create a Teams group/channel and add the people you want to work with. Then upload the file to the Teams group.
  • Always check and manage read and write permissions.

Sharing via Teams and OneDrive is secure due to automatic file encryption.

Encrypted email = secure email

As a general rule, you should share files (through Teams) rather than email them. However, if you do have a file you wish to send via email, always use your UvA email address, NOT your personal email address.
Additionally, you can use SURFfilesenderExternal link  to securely send large and/or confidential files, such as research data. SURFfilesender is a service from SURF that automatically encrypts your files, allowing only you and the recipient to read the message. To use this service, log in with your UvAnetID.

Do not use USB drives

We strongly discourage the use of portable USB drives, as they carry significant risk of loss or theft. If you must use one, always encrypt it to ensure that, in case of loss or theft, no-one but you can access the files.

Do not use these software tools for file sharing

Avoid Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer. Cloud services like Dropbox are American companies that are regulated by American law and, as such, are not compliant with Dutch and European personal data protection legislation. The UvA has no processing agreements with these services, meaning security and privacy are not guaranteed. For example, these software providers may share your data for commercial purposes. Use Teams or SURFFilesenderExternal link instead.


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