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ICT security

Last modified on 22-09-2023 09:43
ICT security is key in order to study safely in a digital environment. On this page you can find tips and information for protecting you and your data.
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  • ICT code of conductExternal linkAnyone using ICT facilities of the UvA must comply with the ICT code of conduct.
  • Use a different, strong password for each of your accountsChoose a different password for each of your accounts. A strong password has at least 12 characters and meets several other requirements. Change passwords annually and don't reuse them.
  • Watch out for fake emails: phishing and ransomwareCriminals are constantly finding new ways and tricks to steal your log-in credentials or files. Help prevent this by staying careful and alert when online.
  • Basic security for your laptopIn a few steps you can improve the basic security of your laptop.
  • Secure your smartphone or tabletIn a few steps you can improve the basic security of your smartphone or tablet.
  • Storing data securelyUse these tips to securely store or send data and documents.
  • Two-step verificationThe UvA highly values studying safely online. In pursuit of this, two-step verification is being applied to an increasing number of applications. This adds an extra step when logging in.
  • VPNWhen you use a public, unsecured Wi-Fi network, first set up a safe connection with eduVPN (Virtual Private Network). A one-time download to your laptop or mobile device is required.


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The Servicedesk ICT Services is there to help you with all your ICT questions and problems.

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