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Religious and spiritual student associations

Last modified on 08-11-2022 09:18
There are various student associations that focus on religion and spirituality.
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C.S.F.R. (Christian)

Am.St.E.Lo.D.A.M.E.N.S.E. is the capital’s chapter of C.S.F.R (Civitas Studiosorum in Fundamento Reformato), which translates to ‘Student Association based on Reformational Principles’. It is a nation-wide Christian student association with around 800 members. The association aims to bring Reformed students together and so build friendships. The C.S.F.R. studies the bible and Reformational principles. For further information, see the C.S.F.R. websiteExternal link.

Hindu Student Forum the Netherlands (HSFN)

HSFN is a student association fully geared towards the needs of Hindu students. The association has a department active in the Amsterdam region. HSFN’s goal is the development of the cohesion between Hindu students in the Netherlands, the representation of Hindu students and the organisation of fun and informative activities. HSFN has been active since November 2001 and is ever-growing. For further information, see the HSFN website.External link

Ichthus (Evangelical)

Evangelical Student association Ichthus Amsterdam stands for good cheer, close friendships and getting to know God better together, each in their own way. Each movement, from Catholic to Protestant to Baptist, has at least one or two members affiliated with Ichthus Amsterdam. The association gives primacy to Bible studies, but also organises lectures and association evenings. Members eat together in the Christ Church on Tuesdays, often go for drinks in a pub or celebrate an Ichtian in one of the Ichthus houses. For further information, see Ichthus’ website.External link

Muslim University Students of Amsterdam (MUSA)

Muslim University Students of Amsterdam (MUSA) is the University of Amsterdam’s Islamic student association. MUSA’s board does its best to give its members a voice within the UvA. The connection between Muslim students and non-Muslim students is a priority. The MUSA wishes for every student to feel at home at the UvA and, together with her members, seeks to create an inclusive environment. With that goal in mind they organise various activities and events. For further information, see MUSA’s websiteExternal link.

Navigators Student association Amsterdam (Christian)

Navigators Student association Amsterdam (NSA) is the largest Christian student association in Amsterdam, with 220 active members. Faith in God forms the heart of NSA. The association is a place for students where there is space for good cheer, personal development and faith. With NSA you can discover what it's like to be a student and a Christian. For further information, see the NSA’s website.External link

Student Meditation 

Student Meditation is an association for students and UvA employees. The association’s goal is to improve the mental welfare of students, researchers and teaching staff at the UvA and to introduce them to (the benefits of) meditation. For further information, see Student Meditation’s website.External link

Thomas Aquinas Student Association

The Thomas Aquinas Student Association is an Amsterdam student association based on Roman Catholic principles. The association consists of a group of young people who meet in the Krijtberg, the church of St. Francis Xavier on the Singel, opposite to the University Library. Those who aren’t religious themselves but are nonetheless interested in the Catholic faith are also welcome to join the association. For further information, see the Thomas Aquinas Student Association’s website.External link