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Overview of student associations

Last modified on 13-07-2023 17:08
Student associations are a great way to get to know Amsterdam, meet new people and to make the most of your time as a student.
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Lid worden in Amsterdam

Lid worden in AmsterdamExternal link (become a member in Amsterdam) is a platform designed to help you choose the perfect student association to join. On its website you can find valuable information about the various student associations Amsterdam has to offer, ranging from traditional or cultural to athletic and with or without initiations. Do the quiz and find out which association is the right match for you.

In the summer of 2020 the platform made a mini-seriesExternal link (in Dutch) in which members of associations talk about their experiences.

List of student associations

ASC-AVSV (Amsterdam Student Society / Amsterdam Women’s Student Society)

(Amsterdamsch Studentencorps / Amsterdamsche Vrouwelijke Studentenvereniging)

The Amsterdamsch Studenten Corps and the Amsterdamsche Vrouwelijke Studenten Vereeniging (A.S.C./A.V.S.V.) is the largest student association in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, with over 2700 active members. Founded in 1851, it is also the oldest student association in Amsterdam. Since the end of the 19th century, emphasis has been placed on companionship and camaraderie. The A.S.C./A.V.S.V. contains 37 sub-associations, each with their own board. 18 of them are sororities, the other 19 are fraternities. The oldest active sub-association was founded in 1879, with the youngest coming into being in 1999. Further information can be found on A.S.C./A.V.S.V. websiteExternal link.

Amsterdam United

This student association aims to represent the diversity of student life in Amsterdam and at the UvA, and includes students from a wide range of backgrounds. Amsterdam United organises various activities around the theme of diversity, ranging from debates and film screenings to its mentor programme, the Academic Diversity Lab. Amsterdam United mentors first-generation students with a migration background who face challenges during their studies. They do this by offering trainings in academic skills and profiling in the labour market, as well organising events and activities aimed at socialisation. Further information can be found on Amsterdam United websiteExternal link.

Amsterdam Chamber of Associations

(Amsterdamse Kamer van Verenigingen)

The Amsterdamse Kamer van Verenigingen is the umbrella organisation of 25 Amsterdam student associations who emphasise good cheer and fun. It serves the interests of, promotes and connects 25 student associations and, through this, indirectly 14,000 students. Further information and an overview of all associations can be found on Amsterdamse Kamer van Verenigingen’s websiteExternal link.


Cyclades is an Amsterdam student association with members from various fields of study, from both universities and universities of applied sciences (HBO). They organise events and activities throughout the year. They have their social drinks, their borrel, on Tuesday and Friday evenings in their society at 181 Prinsengracht. Plus, they enjoy a meal together on Tuesdays, homecooked by Cyclades-members. Furthermore, Cyclades organises yearly events such as the weekend abroad, the gala, a skiing trip, a sailing weekend, a new year’s party, King’s Day, the November weekend and a hitchhiking competition. Further information can be found on Cyclades’ websiteExternal link.


L.A.N.X. was founded in 1880 as the student society of VU University Amsterdam. It is now the second-largest association in Amsterdam with around 950 members, 12 fraternities and 14 sororities. Each sub-association has unique characteristics, from the more traditional, hierarchical to the more easy-going. Further information can be found on L.A.N.X.’s websiteExternal link.


Liber is a smaller student association with 120 members that emphasises freedom and individuality. It is an association without initiations, obligatory socials, dress codes or hierarchies. It is an association for those that couldn’t find their groove with other associations. Further information can be found on Liber’s websiteExternal link.


NoNoMes (Nomen Non Magnum Est) is a young and bustling student association with its own society in the heart of Amsterdam. With around 350 members NoNoMes ranks amongst the larger student associations in Amsterdam. The association has a wide range of activities and committees. Apart from good cheer, a NoNoMes membership grants the opportunity to undertake various tasks outside of your studies, which makes the difference these days. As such you might choose to become the chair of an important committee within NoNoMes, join the board of your sub-association or govern the association for a year as a member of the board. Further information can be found on NoNoMes’ websiteExternal link.


Student association SSRA was founded in 1889 and ranks amongst the largest student associations in Amsterdam. SSRA is a mixed association with around 400 members; large enough to never have to be bored, but also small enough that no-one is lost in the crowd. There is something for everyone: from committee work in organising events to running the bar or the kitchen, or a place behind the turntables. Further information can be found on SSRA’s websiteExternal link.

Unitas Studiosorum Amsteldamensium

Unitas Studiosorum Amsteldamensium (U.S.A.) came forth from the former Amsterdam Student Union (Amsterdamsche Studenten Bond), founded in 1885. Unitas believes in the importance of societal engagement, which it has exercised in recent years through its partnership with the Amsterdam City Council and Amsterdam Cares. Through this cooperation members of Unitas seek to help the less fortunate in Amsterdam and many activities contributing to this have taken place over the years. Whilst good cheer and fun are certainly essential for Unitas, value is also placed on members’ futures. Special importance is placed on members’ personal development and progress in their studies. To achieve this, the association not only focusses on the organisation of socials and activities, but also on the mentoring and support of her members when in comes to their studies. Further information can be found on Unitas’ websiteExternal link.