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What is your study programme?

Master's programme abroad

Last modified on 10-10-2023 16:25
Are you thinking about enrolling in a full Master’s programme abroad? On this page, you can read about how to choose and prepare.
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What is your study programme?

Road step map

  1. Start on time. You will have to organise a full Master’s programme abroad yourself. You have to deregister (terminate your enrolment) at the UvA and enrol at the foreign university.
  2. You have to arrange all other practical matters yourself as well. You are solely enrolled at the university abroad and follow a complete programme to obtain a degree.
  3. Keep in mind that staying abroad will involve extra costs and other requirements. Prepare well.
  4. Read the Master’s Programme Abroad Guidelines (pdf) to find out what you are expected to do for orientation, selection and organisation.

More information and help

Although you need to arrange a full Master’s programme abroad yourself, counsellors at the University of Amsterdam will be glad to advise you during this process. After reading the guidelines, do you still have questions about how to choose a Master’s programme abroad? Please contact one of the departments below.

  • You can discuss practical questions about grants, scholarships and other financial matters with the student counsellors.
  • International Student Affairs (BIS) offers general information about studying abroad and application processes at other universities and can also inform you about opportunities with UvA partner universities and in the international network of the UvA.
  • The career counsellors at the Student Careers Centre will guide you with orientation and with an overview of your options. During a consultation, you will gain more insight into your own situation and find answers to your questions. You can discuss with them whether obtaining a degree abroad will suit you best and check the added value of a full Master’s programme abroad in relation to your career.