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International student associations

Last modified on 15-06-2023 11:07
There are various student associations catering to international students.
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AEGEE (Association des États Généraux des Étudiants de l'Europe) is represented in Europe in over 220 university towns and cities and has a network of over 17.000 members. For her roughly 550 members AEGEE Amsterdam organises events at both a local and a European level. They organise weekly socials, parties, a gala and barbecues. Further information can be found on the AEGEE websiteExternal link.


AIESEC (Association internationale des étudiants en sciences économiques et commerciales) is the largest student-administered organisation worldwide. The association is active in 127 countries and seeks to make the world a better place by developing leadership qualities in students. AIESEC achieves this by facilitating exchanges geared around internships and volunteering. Further information can be found on the AIESEC websiteExternal link.

ESN (Erasmus Student Network Amsterdam)

ESN is a non-profit organisation administered by students that seeks to make sure that international students studying at the UvA or AUAS manage to make the most of their stay in the Netherlands. Further information can be found on the ESN websiteExternal link.

ISMA (International Students Meetingpoint Amsterdam)

ISMA is organised by Dutch Christians in Amsterdam and is aimed at international students and academics/researchers who have come to the Netherlands for their studies. Their goal is to make international students feel at home in Amsterdam and Amstelveen, to give them the chance to make new friends and to offer them the possibility to learn about Christianity. Further information can be found on the ISMA websiteExternal link.