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Ethnic and cultural student associations

Last modified on 17-11-2023 14:57
A number of student associations cater to specific ethnic or cultural groups.
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Asian Borrel Club (ABC)

The Asian Borrel Club (ABC) is a student association centred around gathering people with an interest in Asian culture to socialise and network. Our club organises many events like drinks, workshops and sports events for our members to have fun and make new friends. Further information is available on the ABC's websiteExternal link and Instagram accountExternal link.

Asian Students Netherlands (ASN)

The ASN is an association for Asian students attending the UvA, AUAS and HES. ASN is a lifestyle and youth community and was founded in 2003. It primarily seeks to bring students together that share an Asiatic background or an interest in Asia. As of today ASN stands as the largest platform for Asian youths in the Netherlands and even beyond. With the help of an enthusiastic crew, partners and advertisers they maintain the website, social media platforms and various projects. For further information see ASN’s websiteExternal link or send an email to info@asn-online.nlExternal link.

AtlasBridges (Moroccan/Dutch student association)

AtlasBridges is an international non-profit organisation that organises educational, cultural, social and scientific activities and projects. The foundation was conceived in 2003 and has a centre in both Amsterdam and Morocco. Further information is available on AtlasBridges’ websiteExternal link.

Eastern European Students Association Amsterdam (EESA)

The Eastern European Students Association Amsterdam is here to give students of the University of Amsterdam an insight into Eastern European culture. We are a group of students studying at the University of Amsterdam, united by our cultural background. We want to provide all students with the opportunity to experience Eastern European culture, and to learn more about our history and traditions. Whether you’re Eastern European and are missing home, or simply someone who wants to learn more about Eastern European culture - everyone is welcome to join! For more information, go to the EESA Amsterdam websiteExternal link or connect to the EESA Amsterdam LinkedIn pageExternal link.

IJAR Amsterdam (Jewish student and youth association)

IJAR Amsterdam is a Jewish student/youth association, that aside from Jewish educational and religious activities also organises athletic and social activities in Amsterdam. IJAR Amsterdam is part of the national umbrella association IJAR Netherlands. Further information can be found on IJAR Amsterdam’s Facebook pageExternal link.


Every year new students arrive from Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, Sint Maarten, Saba or St. Eustatius to study at the UvA and AUAS. A big step. Do you want to have fun getting to know people who, like you, are new in the Netherlands, or have lived in the Netherlands for a longer period? Then join HvAnti.

In the HvAnti network Dutch-Caribbean students help one-another with studying, residing and day-to-day life in the Netherlands. If interested, please send an email to hvanti@hva.nlExternal link for information regarding their activities. Further information can be found on HvAnti’s websiteExternal link. Whilst this forms a part of the HvA online environment, UvA students are also welcome to workshops and social events.