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Diversity at UvA Economics and Business

A Diversity Committee was established at UvA EB in 2018, made up of academic staff, support staff and students. The Committee's goal is to create a more diverse and inclusive faculty for students and employees.

EB Diversity Officer

Siri Boe-Lillegraven was appointed Faculty Diversity Officer (FDO) on 1 November 2019. As FDO, she will continue working on shaping faculty diversity policy. She regularly communicates with the executive administrative director and the manager of personnel and organization, the works council, and managers including the Dean. There are regular meetings with the Central Diversity Officer and her team together with diversity officers from other faculties. There is also at least one meeting every year with the faculty student council.

Dr. S.N. (Siri) Boe-Lillegraven

Faculty of Economics and Business

Section Strategy & International Business


Follow us on Instagram. On our page we start conversations and post about activities relevant for diversity, equity and inclusion in our faculty and at our university. Please feel free to send us an email or dm for features on the page.

  • Contact

    If you have suggestions for activities or requests for a meeting and/or a talk, you are very welcome to get in touch via;

    For specific issues regarding social safety, please also observe the help-seeking resources which include the opportunity to contact confidential advisors within and outside the faculty of Economics and Business.

  • UvA Economics and Business Diversity Policy and Action Plan

    In Economics and Business we want a climate and culture where the faculty is enriched by its diversity, and where all staff and students are included as part of the academic community regardless of their differences. The plan provides a direction for the work to achieve and maintain this goal. It specifies the scope of the faculty’s diversity policy, highlights key focus areas and outlines a set of concrete measures to be taken.

    • Ultimately, the dean is responsible for faculty policy. The education directors, research directors, departmental chairs, section heads, and managers are responsible for implementing the policy within their respective organizational units;
    • The Faculty Diversity Officer’s role is to coordinate, advise, encourage, and facilitate. In the coming years, an important task will be to ensure compliance with the proposed measures and to address the key functions mentioned above;
    • The plan should be evaluated annually and, if necessary, adjusted.

    Read about the University of Amsterdam diversity policy, which provides a framework for diversity and inclusion that faculties and units can base their diversity policy on.

  • Resources for professionalizing the hiring process and recruiting without bias

    A current priority of the diversity work at Economics and Business is to increase professionality and reduce bias in the hiring process. To this end, a role description and checklist for a Diversity Advocate has been drafted by the current Diversity Officer. The main focus of the Diversity Advocate role is to help ensure a fair and open search where all candidates are given sufficient consideration. We encourage all search and hiring committees to appoint a Diversity Advocate.

  • Exemplary activities focused on diversity, equity and inclusion

    Current and past activities

    Below you will find a selection of current and past activities related to Diversity at EB. Some activities are not listed for confidentiality reasons. Read about diversity and inclusion at the University of Amsterdam.

    • June 2021: Diversity committee meeting with guest Pauline Vromans (topic: intercultural competences);
    • May-June 2021: Revision of diversity plan in collaboration with the EB dean and faculty board (the DB);
    • April 2021: Support to faculty student council (the FSR) campaign and workshop on allyship;
    • March 2021: Second pilot of the Meet Your Mentor programme (see description further below);
    • February/March 2021: Meetings with student organizations (e.g. the faculty student council, Sefa);
    • February/March 2021: Meetings with education programme directors to discuss diversity, equity and inclusion with respect to the curriculum;
    • February 2021: Particiption in Keti Koti Table to memorize activist Anton de Kom and learn about different perspectives on Dutch colonial and slavery history;
    • February 2021: Launch of Instagram page edited by committee member Dian Wijnstein, especially focused on communicating with students;
    • January 2021: Participation in workshop on ‘Decolonizing the business school curriculum’;
    • December 2020: Workshop on recruiting without bias (co-hosted with Henk van den Bergh and presenter Dr. Tanja Hentschel at Amsterdam Business School);
    • November 2020: Meeting with the faculty student council;
    • October 2020: Finance group at Amsterdam Business School participated in workshop on implicit biases;
    • September/October 2020: Participation in pilot of the Meet Your Mentor programme (targeting Dutch first generation students and students with an ethnic minority background and/or non-western background). For career services targeting all EB students, visit the Economics and Business Career Centre;
    • July 2020: Participation in Keti Koti dialogue table. The foundation organizing the event aims to raise awareness about the Dutch slavery, colonial past and its legacies, and to stimulate new insights about these;
    • July 2020: Participation in workshop on ‘Decolonizing the Business School’;
    • Spring 2020: Interview for the university web pages. Read the interviews with all diversity officers across all faculties;
    • Spring 2020: Attention to vulnerable groups and to stimulating inclusion during the lockdown and social distancing in connection with Covid-19, including the co-writing of input to decision-making bodies at the university and faculty level;
    • Spring 2020: Participation in internal awareness campaigns;
    • Spring 2020: Input to the strategy of the Amsterdam School of Economics;
    • February 2020: Hosted visitors from Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina to exchange views and experiences about diversity related topics;
    • January and February 2020: Presentation to management team and 1-1 talks about diversity with management team members at the Amsterdam Business school;
    • November/December 2019: Provision of advice regarding conflicts between course attendance requirements and students’ religious activities;
    • November/December 2019: Provision of advice to ensure more inclusive language in exams;
    • November 2019: Appointment of second diversity officer at Economics and Business;
    • Fall 2019 (ongoing): Project on equitable student assessment;
    • Summer 2019: Campus event: Diversity in the city;
    • Spring 2019: Finalizing of faculty diversity action plan;
    • Spring/summer 2018: Establishment of diversity committee;
    • Fall 2017: Appointment of first diversity officer at Economics and Business.