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Diversity Board PPLE

PPLE College welcomes students and staff from a variety of national backgrounds, but that is only one aspect of diversity. The Diversity Committee promotes a climate and culture that encourages social interactions to support a profound appreciation of differences within the PPLE community.

Who teaches What to Whom?

The Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE) College within the University of Amsterdam establishes the Pilot Diversity Board with the aim to attract, retain and educate diversity and inclusivity, addressing the college’s staff members, curriculum and student members. In order to develop and celebrate the multiplicity of backgrounds, orientations and viewpoints between members of the PPLE community and to stimulate a respectful diverse minded discourse, the Board draws up a yearly report focusing on one main question: Who teaches What to Whom? Respectively, the report consists of a section about teaching staff, curriculum and student body reflecting on representation, inclusion, future goals and policies to tackle institutionalised bias, marginalisation and exclusion.

The PPLE Pilot Diversity Board was established during the academic year of 2018/19. The board currently consists of five staff members, six students and is assisted by a student secretary.


Teaching staff

Peyman Amiri

Madeline Hendricks

Choolwe Muzyamba

Irena Rosenthal

Robert Weaver



Nils Mevius


Alin Hampău

Venla Kropsu

Nina Kurz

Nina Makanjee

Suchanan (Rasnam) Thakral (Chair)

Max von Wels



Noe Shimojo

Marlies Hofmann (Outgoing Secretary)



Find the 2018-2019 report of the Diversity Board and the Statutes below. If you have questions regarding diversity at PPLE please contact