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Stukafest Amsterdam

Laatst gewijzigd op 07-03-2024 09:50
A performance among the crates of beer and study books, an intimate literary reading under a loft bed or a comedian at the dining table. It’s all possible during Stukafest!
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Various student rooms around Amsterdam

Student rooms are transformed into real mini-theaters for one evening. The room residents are your hosts and you can go to them for a good old can of beer or a bowl of nuts before you collapse on the couch. In three rounds you will discover the cultural life of Amsterdam. There is always a 30-minute break between rounds, so you don’t have to rush like crazy to the next room. Before the festival, you put together your own program.

 Do you go to music performances, theater and cabaret or do you prefer spoken word, dance and comedy? The choice is up to you!