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What is your study programme?


Last modified on 27-02-2024 17:24
Zoom is a videoconferencing service that allows you to attend courses online as well as meet or cooperate on group assignments with fellow students and members of staff at the UvA.
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What is your study programme?

Installation and startup

Using Zoom via the browser:

  1. Go to uva-live.zoom.usExternal link.
  2. Click on Sign-in (with SSO).
  3. Log in with your UvAnetID.
  4. Are you asked for a company ID? Then enter: uva-live.
  5. You are now logged in.
  6. To schedule a meeting, click 'Schedule a meeting'.

Using Zoom via the application

  1. Download Zoom from: https://uva-live.zoom.us/downloadExternal link.
  2. Open the downloaded application.
  3. Click on 'Log in'.
  4. Choose 'SSO' (this is below the entry screen).
  5. You will automatically be sent to your browser.
  6. Log in with your UvAnetID and your password.
  7. Go back to the Zoom Application.
  8. You are logged in.

Getting started

Your account will automatically be added to the institution licence. Keep the following in mind:

  • By default, you can hold a meeting with up to 300 people at a time. 
  • There is no time limit, you have unlimited Zoom time.

On the Zoom website you will find information about all functionalities.


  • When logging in via uva-live.zoom.usExternal link, your use of Zoom falls under the UvA’s license. The UvA safeguards the privacy of the data subjects by setting agreements with Zoom about the purpose of data processing, the location(s) of the processing(s), the rights of the data subjects and the retention periods in the processing agreement.
  • When logging in with your UvAnetID, the UvA’s conditions apply, including in the absence of UvA members of staff.
  • Only record Zoom meetings with the express permission of all participants and a clear intended purpose for the recording.

Need help?

If you have a question or a problem, please contact the Servicedesk ICT Services.


Servicedesk ICT Services ICT Services

The Servicedesk ICT Services is there to help you with all your ICT questions and problems.

Contact details

The Service Desk ICT Services can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00.

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