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Your privacy rights

Last modified on 15-02-2024 11:43
You have various rights concerning your privacy. Below you will find a brief overview of your rights.
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What is your study programme?

An overview of your privacy rights

How can you use your rights at the UvA?

You can use the rights accorded to you by the GDPR by sending an email to: jz-privacy-bb@uva.nlExternal link

Personal data that are processed by persons or organisations with an obligation of confidentiality, such as, for example, the student psychologist or company doctor, can be requested directly from the person or organisation concerned.


Whenever the UvA receives a request, it must ensure that the person making the request is actually the person to whom the data relate. To this end, the UvA must determine your identity. When in doubt about the identity, the UvA may asked you to provide for additional identification.


The UvA will handle your request with care. You will get an answer as soon as possible. This period may take up to a month. The processing of complex requests may be extended by up to two months. You will be informed of such an extension within a month of your request.