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UvA Q - student feedback

Last modified on 19-03-2024 12:19
During the course of your studies, you'll often be asked to evaluate teaching. Your feedback allows lecturers to monitor the quality of education provided and improve it where possible.
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Your feedback is important

UvA Q is the survey instrument we use to collect student feedback in a standardised manner. By completing the survey, you give lecturers a starting point for improving teaching, if needed. In this way, you're contributing to the quality assurance of your own study programme. Your feedback mainly serves to improve the quality of education for future students, just as students in previous years have done for you.

Formulate feedback concretely and respectfully

It's important to provide useful feedback which lecturers can use to improve education in a targeted manner. Make sure your feedback contains concrete suggestions for change. Your lecturer reads everything, so formulate your feedback the way you'd like to receive it yourself. You can be critical, but please remain respectful towards your lecturers. Disrespectful answers will be moderated before they are forwarded to your lecturers.

Communicating the results

After your course is completed, the survey results will be communicated in Canvas, together with information about how your lecturers will use these results. This gives you insight into what is being done with the feedback you provided.Anonymity


Your survey answers are anonymous, whether you're completing an online evaluation or a written one. The lecturer can't see who provided which answer, and the results are processed and reported anonymously. Only if you write down your name somewhere, or if your response to an open question is recognisable, such as describing a concrete incident, might the lecturer be able to relate it back to you.

An exception to this are evaluations in which you're asked for your student number. Providing your student number is not mandatory, but allows your study programme to analyse the results in more detail.


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