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UvA Career Networking Events (March)

Last modified on 21-06-2023 17:04
During the UvA Career Networking Events, international UvA alumni share their experiences in pursuing a career in the Netherlands after graduation.
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The Student-Alumni Career Networking Events are a series of three events with a panel of international UvA alumni. They share their experiences in pursuing a career in the Netherlands after graduation, and also discuss all kinds of recent developments. All international UvA Master’s students considering a career in the Netherlands are invited to participate in the events.

Recap UvA Career Networking Events 2023

In March 2023, we had 3 inspiring evening sessions on offer. Each panel discussion focused on a different career sector, and gave new insights and motivation through a line-up of enthusiastic alumni. The sessions were followed by informal networking with the speakers, as well as the international students in attendance.

To give you an impression, the themes were:

Working in the non-profit and NGO sector

UvA CNE 02-03-2023 - Working in the non-profit and NGO sector

Whether you are interested in environmental issues, women’s rights, education, human rights or any other cause, a non-profit organisation is the place where you can work on improving these issues. The non-profit and NGO sector is very broad, and includes many organisations that are not privately owned. It covers everything from large organisations such as the EU and UN to very small, quite unknown organisations. What is it like to work in this sector and how do you find the right career path? During this event, UvA alumni shed light on these questions.

Humanities, Behavioural Sciences, and Creative Industries

UvA CNE 09-03-2023 - Humanities, Behavioural Sciences, and Creative Industries

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the humanities, behavioural sciences, or creative industries? At this Student-Alumni Career Networking Event, you can meet with UvA-alumni that have built a career in these fields in the Netherlands. They will share their experiences on finding a suitable position, what hurdles they had to overcome to get where they are now, and advise you on steps to take after you finish your studies in this field.

Research and PhD

UvA CNE 16-03-2023 - Research and PhD

The research and academic sector has its own unwritten rules and culture. In general, you need analytical skills and a willingness to work hard and thrive in a fast-paced environment that has its own demands and rewards. Understanding the dynamics of academia will help you decide if a research career is right for you, and will help you successfully apply for a research position.

UvA Career Networking Events 2024

Next edition is scheduled for March 2024. Please check this website in due time, and follow us on InstagramExternal link to stay informed. For questions or suggestions, please email us at careerevents-sts@uva.nlExternal link.