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What is your study programme?

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The UvA strategy

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Society is facing major challenges and we, as the UvA, want to contribute to addressing them. We describe our ambitions and strategy in our ‘strategic plan’ .
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What is your study programme?

The UvA draws up a strategic plan every six years. In the latest strategic plan, 'Inspiring Generations,' you’ll find the UvA's key objectives for the 2021-2026 period. They’re described here briefly.

Excellent education for students

We aim to keep our study programme current and relevant. We aim to respond to demand, from students and society. We also want to take more account of differences between students, for example by better tailoring education to that diversity. This includes giving graduates the opportunity to continue to learn.

In the coming years, we will work on the following areas:

  • More intensive and small-scale teaching to make the contact between you and the lecturer more effective.
  • Involvement (engagement) and proactive participation in education to enable you to feel joint responsibility for the contents of your study programme.
  • A more international learning environment to prepare you for an increasingly international world. You will learn about other cultures, backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Because the knowledge gained during your studies no longer lasts a lifetime, the UvA is committed to retraining and sharing knowledge about new developments in your field even after you graduate.

Top-quality research

In a rapidly changing world, what's good today may not be good enough tomorrow. That's why we will continue to invest in top-quality research. We will stimulate innovation in research and education by providing extra resources. And digitisation is high on the agenda.

Strength through cooperation

Cooperation is important, because knowledge is created by working with others. We cooperate, and will continue to cooperate, with partners at international, national and local level. At the local level - the city and the region - we will contribute to improving our immediate living environment.

Social responsibility

The UvA educates people to tackle social challenges. This is how we will actively shape the world of tomorrow. We aim to take responsibility for a liveable, safe, just and sustainable environment.

A magnet for talent and an agile organisation

The UvA aims to be an attractive working and learning environment for people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We aim to challenge staff and students to get the best out of themselves and to look beyond the boundaries of their own discipline.

Read more about the University of Amsterdam StrategyExternal link on the UvA website. Download the Strategic Plan 'Inspiring Generations' in full (PDF) (pdf)

Faculty Strategic Plans

Every six years, your faculty sets out its ambitions and plans in a Faculty Strategic Plan.