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Studying part-time

Last modified on 01-08-2022
Do you have a job or are you unable to study full-time for other reasons? Some UvA degree programmes are also available on a part-time basis. You can read more about studying part-time here.
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What is your study programme?

Studying part-time: what does it mean?

Part-time students study the same curriculum for a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme as full-time students. They attend the same lectures and take the same exams.

However, part-time students study at a slower pace, which increases the duration of the part-time degree programme. On average, they spend 1.5 to two times as long completing a part-time degree programme as a full-time degree programme. For example, they spend an average of 4.5 years completing a Bachelor’s programme that would normally last three years.

Studying part-time requires a time investment of 20 to 25 hours per week. The digital Course CatalogueExternal link describes the working methods for each course and you can see the teaching hours in the timetableExternal link. If a degree programme is offered on a part-time basis, this does not necessarily mean that all the courses and exams are offered during evening hours or that the contact hours can be combined into a single day.

What differences are there between studying part-time and full-time?

When you study part-time, you invest less time per week in your studies. The statutory tuition fees for a part-time degree programme are also (slightly) lower than for a full-time degree programme. However, part-time students are not entitled to student grants or loans or other student facilities, such as a student public transport pass and/or a campus contract.

Part-time students are bound by the same rules and guidelines as full-time students. The specific rules and guidelines can be found in the Teaching and Examination Regulations for each degree programme. This is particularly important when checking matters such as cum laude graduation or if a binding study advice is issued for the degree programme.

Read more information on the page about Teaching and Examination Regulations or the page about the Binding Study Advice.

Which degree programmes can be studied part-time?

The Course CatalogueExternal link shows which degree programmes can be studied on a part-time basis. Go to ‘Degree programme’ and filter by the ‘Part-time’ option.

In addition to studying part-time, it is also possible to enrol in a flexible learning programme. This involves paying per course and only taking the courses you are paying for.


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