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Science Outreach

Last modified on 08-11-2022
As FNWI-student you have the opportunity to give primary and secondary school children their first taste of the natural sciences by organising activities for the Science Outreach Department.
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What is your study programme?

If you enjoy sharing the knowledge you gain while a student at the UvA, the Science Outreach Department is perfect for you! It organises activities that give primary and secondary school children their first taste of the natural sciences and also challenge them to think about the role science plays in their lives.

By taking part in activities organised by the Science Outreach Department, primary and secondary school children learn more about what happens at universities and are able to immerse themselves in a specific subject. You will guide these activities, share your knowledge and gain (work) experience too.

Examples of activities:

Children with a supervisor from Science Outreach

Good to know

  • You are always free to choose which activities you want to organise, depending on how much time you have to spare, for example;
  • Primary school activities can be guided by any student from the Faculty of Science. When activities are organised for secondary schools, we prefer them to be guided by students who are doing degree programmes that are appropriate for the activities in question;
  • The salary is 12,50 per hour;
  • The Dutch language alone will be used in the activities organised by the Science Outreach Department.


If you are passionate about your study and would like to help primary and secondary school children learn more about your field, contact the Science Outreach Department at the bottom of this page.

One day shadowing student Bowine Roodenburg and the ‘puzzling with peaks’ lab

'I’ve been taking "puzzling with peaks" into secondary schools for a while now and it never gets boring! There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing how "contagious" my passion is; especially when secondary school students aren’t always initially overjoyed about the prospect of a long session with me. It’s good fun and I’d recommend everyone to give it a go.

You’re given instructions about the location and the school well in advance. Although it’s usually a very early start, it’s worth it for the pleasant drive and the chance to see parts of the Netherlands you might not have seen otherwise. You and your partner load everything you need into the Outreach bus at the Science Park and then set off together.

When you arrive at the school, you’re often welcomed by really nice people, who help you set up the practical. The more sessions like this you do, the more structured it becomes. It’s then time to start the lesson: you introduce yourself and the subject to the children. The lesson itself alternates between theory and practical components in which students have the opportunity to develop their laboratory skills. Once they’ve got started on a practical, you’re free to walk around and talk to them individually. They ask you interesting questions about what they’re doing but also about studying in general. It’s the perfect time to share your passion with them and help them decide what kind of degree they would like to do in the future.  

Because you’ll often do two practicals a day, you and your partner will start to clear up during the practical, to make sure your day runs smoothly. At the end of the day, you and your partner will pack everything back into the bus and head back to the Science Park to top everything up. You’re ready for the next successful ‘puzzling with peaks’ lesson.'