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Research participation credits

Last modified on 01-08-2022
As part of the Bachelor’s programme in Communication Science, you must earn at least 14 participation credits. The way to do this is by taking part in research.
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What is your study programme?

Participation credits form part of tutoring, a compulsory course component of the Bachelor’s programme in Communication Science. You must earn 14 participation credits in order to pass. You earn participation credits by taking part in other people’s research. This will help you to gain valuable insights for your own empirical research.

Earning participation credits

You can apply to take part in research at The number of participation credits that you receive varies for each research project, depending on the duration, location and type of research. You will only earn participation credits for taking part in Communication Science research. Taking part in Psychology research will not count towards the required 14 credits.

The credits will be entered two weeks after participation. If this is not the case, contact the researcher with whom you worked on the research and show your proof of participation.

There are plenty of opportunities to earn 14 participation credits during the degree programme, provided that you regularly take part in research. The number of research projects offered in each period may vary. It may be difficult to earn all the required credits in a short period of time. It is therefore your own responsibility to consult the offer on a regular basis.

Submitting participation credits

Once you have earned 14 participation credits, submit a screenshot of your online credit overview through the designated submission point on the tutorial page on Canvas for the academic year in which you started your Bachelor’s degree programme. Make sure your UvAnetID is visible on the screenshot. You will then be awarded a 'AVV' (Aan Voorwaarden Voldaan, which means ‘requirements met’) for this component. It may take several weeks to process the credits in SIS.

If this is the final component for your Bachelor’s programme, you can already apply for your degree certificate in the meantime. Your degree certificate application will not be delayed by the processing of these credits. If you submitted a degree certificate application a while ago and are in a hurry to get the credits recognised, send an email to and indicate that you have already submitted a degree certificate application and that this component has not yet been entered in SIS.

Not enough credits

If you have almost finished your degree programme, but have not yet earned the required number of participation credits, contact us at Indicate how many credits you have obtained and when you plan to graduate. The coordinator can help you to find a solution. This will often take the form of a compensation assignment.

Deduction of credits

If you have signed up for on-site research (for example in the ComLab) and fail to turn up without prior notice, you will lose participation credits. The number of credits you will lose depends on the specific research project. Always make sure to cancel your participation in research in good time!


You can only earn participation credits for taking part in Communication Science research (this applies even if a reward is given out for taking part in the research or if a gift certificate is awarded to participants at random). Once you have earned the required 14 credits, you can continue to take part in research and earn rewards that way. This is often mentioned in the description of the research.


If you have any questions about participation credits, contact the tutors at