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Orienting on an internship or research project abroad

Last modified on 04-04-2024 17:14
Do you want to go abroad to do an internship during your studies? Or are you thinking of a research project outside the Netherlands? Read about how to go about it and what to consider.
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What is your study programme?

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Conducting research during an exchange programme

Usually, it is difficult to combine an exchange programme (following courses) with conducting research at a partner university. If you are interested in research during your study abroad, please contact the department handling the agreement as soon as possible (the Office of International Student Affairs (Bureau Internationale Studentenzaken, BIS) or the International Officer of your faculty). They will be able to advise you on whether the exchange agreement with the institution allows the option to conduct research.

Your internship or research project abroad step by step

  1. Orienting (you are on this page)
  2. What to arrange before you leave
  3. Financial support
  4. What to arrange after you returned