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National Student Survey

Last modified on 20-03-2023
The National Student Survey is a national survey in which students give their opinion on their degree programme and university.
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What is your study programme?

Each year Studiekeuze123, the organisation behind the National Student Survey, asks students throughout the Netherlands for their opinion on the content of their degree programme, their lecturers, the information provided by the programme, study facilities and more.

The NSE tells the UvA what it needs to improve for you and your fellow students. In addition, the NSE results are used for orientation activities for future students and for creating national rankings.

National Student Survey

Between 16 January and 10 March 2023 you’ll receive an invite and four reminders from Studiekeuze123 to fill in the NSE. Do this as soon as possible! After filling in the survey, Studiekeuze123 will stop sending you reminders. On 31 May 2023, the NSE results are announced.

Your opinion is important

By filling in the NSE you help the UvA improve the quality of its degree programmes and you provide insight into what is going well and where your degree programme can do better. You also help future students make better choices regarding their degree programme and institution.

Thanks to previous NSE results, the UvA had already implemented many improvements. Curious about what the university does with your input? Read about some improvements below.

Initiatives for improvement thanks to the NSE