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Digipass: virtual training programme for all phases of your exchange programme

Last modified on 01-12-2022
The purpose of the DigiPass virtual training programme is to increase the impact of studying abroad by making you more aware of your opportunities.Join the DigiPass training programme now
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What is your study programme?

DigiPass: an introduction

The purpose of the DigiPass virtual training programme is to improve the impact of studying abroad from awareness of the possibilities to after your return. It has been designed around the experiences, challenges, skills, and learnings you are likely to encounter or develop by going abroad.

About the training

The DigiPass training consist of 12 modulesExternal link, separated in 4 phases: Orientation, pre-departure, during mobility and after mobility. Each module includes key information, exercises and resources to help you master that topic. Through completing these modules you will learn practical tips, gain confidence, obtain tools to deal with obstacles and you will be empowered to take ownership and make the most of your study abroad experience.

Let’s have a closer look at the four phases:

  1. "Orientation" helps you to decide if going abroad is the right choice for you, and what type of experience best meets your needs.
  2. "Pre-departure" prepares you to head off on your mobility equipped with everything you need to make a smooth transition to your host country and institution.
  3. "During your Exchange" guides you through your time abroad to make it as successful as possible.
  4. "After your Exchange" teaches you how to apply your learning in a variety of settings as well as helping you re-adjust to your home life and culture once you return.

Earn your DigiBadge for your CV and LinkedIn profile

DigiPass was designed so students can make the most of their study abroad experience. You will not just get access to tools to help you along with your preparations but completing (parts of) the training programme will give you new skills that are useful for all aspects of your life. Upon completion of the DigiPass training programme you will also receive a digital certificate that you can add to your CV and LinkedIn.

Collaboration with other universities

DigiPass was created through a collaboration between University of Amsterdam, University of Edinburgh, University College Dublin, University of Granada, University of Pavia and Jagiellonian University.