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Develop your skills

Last modified on 01-11-2022
During the course of your studies you will gradually find out what you are good at and where your interests lie. Want to gain more skills? You can do this in various ways.
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What is your study programme?
  • Student representation and participation in decision-makingAt the UvA, student representation is organised at several levels. On this page you can find and overview of the different representative bodies available.
  • EntrepreneurshipAre you considering entrepreneurship? Here you can discover if entrepreneurship is the way forward for you and how you can further develop this during your studies.
  • Language skillsWould you like to learn Dutch or another language, or take an English language proficiency test? Look no further than UvA-affiliated language institutes.
  • Career counsellingDo you want to start with your career and labour market orientation? Discuss your questions, doubts and plans with a career counsellor.