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Contact person in case of emergency

Last modified on 02-01-2023
We ask all UVA students to leave contact details for a person who we can contact in case of emergency. You can leave these details in SIS
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What is your study programme?

Why a contact person?

In case of emergency, it’s important that we’re able to contact someone who knows you. If you’re in danger or if you’re a danger to others, you may not be able to call for help yourself. In that case, we’ll contact the person whose name you’ve left with us. You can leave their name, telephone number and email address at www.sis.uva.nlExternal link. Also state your relationship with this person (e.g. parent, friend, sister etc.). Don’t forget to inform this person that he/she is your contact person.

When will we use the emergency number?

We’ll only contact the emergency number in case of emergency and following consultation with an authorised colleague. We’ll never use the details to discuss other matters, such as your academic performance.

Who has access to the details?

  • Study advisers at your faculty
  • Student counsellors
  • Safety and Security team

Changing the details and keeping them up to date

It’s important that the details you leave with the UvA are up to date. That’s why we’ll ask you to verify the details you’ve left each academic year from this year onwards. In addition, you can change or remove them yourself at any time.

More information

If you’re unsure about leaving details with the UvA and want to find out more about why this is necessary, you can always contact your study adviser or the student counsellors.