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Seniha Kazancı (22) about Meet your Mentor

Seniha Kazancı - Psychology, Year 2
Last modified on 06-10-2022 14:05
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Photo: Seniha Kazancı

Through Meet your Mentor I got to know myself better and for the first time I dared to admit out loud that I didn't like the study programme I was in. I also learned more about my own strengths and about what I value in life. I found out that the Psychology programme is a good fit for me. My mentor encouraged me to volunteer at a mental health facility to gain practical experience. This experience gave me confidence that I wanted to study psychology.

Through Meet your Mentor I've learned to make better choices. I also have a more clear vision of my future. The programme made me realise that it doesn't matter if I take a longer path towards my end goal. Each path will yield new valuable knowledge about myself and life. If I hadn't felt so much frustration, sadness and anger, there wouldn't have been any impetus to take my life in a new direction. Meet your Mentor has given me more confidence in overcoming obstacles.