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Destiny Ebinum (22) about Meet your Mentor

Destiny Ebinum - Master of Criminal Law
Last modified on 23-12-2022 14:42
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Photo: Destiny Ebinum

Why did you sign up? What appealed to you in the program? What are your expectations?

I signed up for Meet your Mentor because I was looking for a sparring partner. I am the first in my family to attend university. As a result, few people around me know how this works. In addition, they are unfamiliar with my field: law. Now that I have entered the Master's phase of my studies, I am faced with several choices and I am occupied with exploring the job market. The people around me do their best to support me in this, which I really appreciate, but since they know little about studying and my field, they find this difficult. I noticed more and more that I needed someone who had already gone through the entire process to brainstorm with me about important choices that are coming up in my career.

What appealed to me most about the program is that every mentee is linked to a mentor based on their profile. There are several mentoring programs available where you will be randomly matched with a person from the field. However, I find it extremely important that I click with the person I share my stories with. The fact that every mentor is linked to a mentee was therefore the distinctive factor for me to sign up. This was also because most former participants indicated that they had been assigned a mentor with whom they really clicked.

At the moment I am in the master phase of my studies and this means that my transition to the job market is getting closer. The different choices sometimes feel quite overwhelming, especially since I'm interested in a lot of things. By doing the training and brainstorming with my mentor, I hope to gain more insight into what I really look for in a job and what kind of workplace suits me. That way I can search for vacancies in a much more targeted way. I also hope to get to know many other young professionals to learn from their experiences.