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Ashmita Sampatsing (21) about Meet your Mentor

Ashmita Sampatsing - Artificial Intelligence
Last modified on 23-12-2022 14:40
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Photo: Ashmita Sampatsing

Why did you sign up? What appealed to you in the program? What are your expectations?

I received an e-mail about the program and I registered quite impulsively. One thing is for sure, I want to get rid of the doubts I have about the continuation of my career (or at least a part of it, there will always be a little doubt whether you are on the right track). I saw this as an opportunity, especially after the Covid-era that has limited a good orientation on the jobmarket.

I am very pleased that Meet your Mentor has enabled me to meet more female students of color like me, whom I rarely encounter in the male-dominated Artificial Intelligence program at the Science Park. This will also be the case at my future workplace. The opportunity to speak with a mentor who has preceded me also appeals to me, because a mentor has already overcome all the challenges I am facing now. I don't have anyone in my environment who has walked a similar path, because everyone has different interests and backgrounds. I therefore think it would be nice to brainstorm with someone who has the same study background and who can give me more tangible advice.

With my participation in this project I hope to make a good start on an orientation towards life after my studies. I can no longer separate the wood from the trees, the choice is huge. I find it really hard to say what I like, what suits me and what I want to commit myself to. With Meet your Mentor I want to find that all out. I hope to get sharp questions back, and to learn from the other perspective that the mentor has and that she will come up with advice. Perhaps this way I can protect myself from dead ends or I will be stimulated to do something that has been very helpful to her.