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Student counsellors

Study delay

Various reasons can cause study delay. If you take timely action and meet certain conditions, you can receive financial support from the Profiling Fund from the UvA. In some cases, extension of the student grant is possible.

Personal circumstances

During your study, special personal circumstances may occur which lead to study delay:

  • illness (e.g. surgery, Pfeiffer's disease or psychological problems)
  • family circumstances (for example, illness or death of a parent)
  • a disability (e.g. dyslexia, AD(H), Asperger syndrome or concentration problems)
  • top-class athletics
  • Pregnancy or parenthood: it is recommended to meet your study adviser about your study planning. Experience shows that there is usually a delay of about four months. You can contact the authorities below for more information.

Insufficiently studyable programme and waiting period internship

In some cases, a waiting period arises due to the specific programming of a study programme. A well-known example is the waiting period for internships in Medicine (co-schappen Geneeskunde).

Another example is an error in the programming of a study programme by the faculty, which means a student cannot complete the study within the official course schedule. Or, a waiting period for an internship that is not related to a student's fault.

In these cases, you can appeal to the Profiling Fund.

Report the delay within three months

In case of study delay, always contact your Study adviser as soon as possible. Do this within three months after the particular circumstances occur. If you contact your Study adviser after three months, you will receive less reimbursement.

If you are unable or barely able to travel to the faculty, it is important to inform your Study advisor by telephone of your circumstances and the consequences for your study plan. If necessary, ask a parent or housemate to contact your Study adviser.

What possibilities are there?

The study adviser of your study programme is the key figure in the supervision, planning and progress of your study.

Together with the study adviser, check what you can do best:

  • adjust your schedule
  • enable additional support
  • or temporarily terminate your enrolment.


You can also contact a student counsellor.


Financial support in case of study delay

On the next page, you can read about the conditions for financial support in case of study delay.


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