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Exam period begins on 18 March: Extended opening hours and additional study spaces

Published on 07-03-2024
Can you feel the tension rising? The exam period is approaching. The Library offers extra study spaces and extended opening hours. The P.C. Hoofthuis will be open on weekends and at Roeterseiland Campus there are 800 additional study spaces available. There's also room for socialising: the UB Dinner will take place on 26 March.
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What is your study programme?

During the exam period, it's particularly important to know in advance which location is least crowded. The Library has crowding indicators that provide real-time information on the occupancy of all study spaces.

For updated opening hours and crowding indicators, visit the study places pageExternal link and keep an eye on the information screens on campus for additional study rooms. For booking collaborative spaces or study cabinets, see UvA SpacefinderExternal link (mapiq), inquire with your student association or visit the library desk.

University Quarter, 460 more study spaces on weekends

Image: Library
Image: Library

The P.C. Hoofthuis will remain open during the weekend. In total, there will be 460 extra study spaces available on 23 and 24 March from 09:00 to 21:00. Access is only possible upon presentation of a valid UvA student card.

REC V, 800 extra study spaces

Discover the study spaces in the canteen's basement and of the first floor of building REC H.
Discover the study spaces in the canteen's basement and of the first floor of building REC H. Image: Benjamin van der Veen.

Building V at the Roeterseiland Campus will be designated as a study location. 800 extra study spaces will be available from Monday, 25 March to Wednesday, 27 March, with extended opening hours from 08:00 to 20:00.

Tightened access policy

During exam periods, an enhanced access policyExternal link is in place. Please note that the Library is only accessible with a valid UvA student card or staff card.

Guided study sessions

Image: Wouter van der Wolk
Image: Wouter van der Wolk

If you aim to achieve maximum concentration during the exam period, you can participate in guided study sessions. These sessions will be held every day during the exam period from 10:00 to 22:00 and will be led by a student host.

Guided studying will take place in groups in the special Focus Room (room C.1.01) at the University Library Singel, or online via Microsoft Teams. A dedicated team of hosts and instructors is ready to guide these study sessions to success.

A fixed daily schedule will be followed, allowing time for studying, breaks, reflection, collaboration and information exchange.

Sign up for the Exam SessionsExternal link.

Join us for a cozy evening at the UB Dinner and put your pepper knowledge to the test!

Image by Racool_studio on Freepik
Image by Racool_studio on Freepik

It's true that focus is essential, but don't forget that taking breaks is just as important. That's why, alongside study spaces, we're bringing some coziness into your life with the UB Dinner on Tuesday, 26 March. This edition's meal is inspired by the theme 'Hot Peppers'.

The doors will open at 18:30, and the dinner is expected to last until 20:00. The UB Dinner is a perfect opportunity to unwind, meet new people, or simply enjoy delicious food with friends. 

The cost for this special dinner is €5. Buy your ticket onlineExternal link.


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