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Demonstration at Science Park

Published on 17-06-2024
A new demonstration started at Science Park on Monday afternoon, 17 June. Although the demonstration began peacefully, this was followed by instances of vandalism, the erection of barricades, cameras being covered and passageways and emergency exits blocked.
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Despite attempts to de-escalate the situation through dialogue, an unsafe atmosphere once again developed on campus due to masked demonstrators.

Peaceful demonstration is permitted at the UvA, but we do not tolerate this atmosphere of intimidation, barricading, and destruction on campus. We ask UvA students and staff to continue engaging with each other through dialogue sessions or other organised discussions.

The University of Amsterdam filed charges of trespassing and vandalism around 19:45 due to the protest at Science Park. The issue has thus been handed over to the Amsterdam triangle of the Mayor, Public Prosecution Service, and Police. They will ultimately decide whether and how the police should act.

Vice- chair Jan Lintsen responds on behalf of the Executive Board regarding the course of the demonstration: 'We deeply regret that we had to file charges. However, given the severity of the situation created by some of the demonstrators, this has become inevitable. We consider the right to protest very important, but we must also ensure the safety of all students and staff. We urgently ask demonstrators to voluntarily leave our premises to prevent further escalation. We hope this request will be heeded so that police action will not be necessary.'