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UvA starts with live chat

Published on 03-04-2023 17:47
In order to better help you online, the UvA has started offering live chat. You'll see a chat button on various topics on student.uva.nl, allowing you to ask your question directly. If you ask a question in the live chat, you'll receive an answer within a few minutes. If you ask a question outside office hours, you'll receive an answer via email the next working day.
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At the start, the Central Student Service Desk (CSSD) is the only team behind the live chat. But we have made sure that even the questions not intended for the CSSD will be automatically directed to the right team and you will receive an answer via email. This way, you no longer have to think about which counter or department your question is meant for, as we will take care of that for you! 

After gaining more experience with this method of live support, we will invite more counters and departments to participate in the live chat. We will also try to automatically answer frequently asked questions so that you can be helped even faster. But don't worry, if you can't figure it out, you can still indicate at any time that you want to contact an employee. 

I have been involved in testing the chat function. The live chat function on the UvA student site is the perfect middle ground between sending an email and calling, and it is much faster. The chatbot may give you an immediate answer if your question is simple. Otherwise, he gives you the option to chat with an employee, asking you to choose which topic your question falls under. I think this works very efficiently because it is immediately clear which topic your question falls under. If this person cannot answer your question, you will receive an answer via your student email within a few days
Rosa BergThir-year student in Education Sciences

‘Ask a question’ 

The live chat is part of the 'Ask a question' section of the renewal project around student.uva.nl. This year we want to make the site even more accessible for all students and offer a completely new version of the "My UvA" app. These improvements are part of the UvA's digital agendaExternal link. Based on this digitisation strategy, we're constantly working on improving all digital services to make things easier for you. 


Do you have questions or comments about the new functionality? Please contact the ICT Service Desk (T +31 (0)20 525 1402, E: servicedesk-icts@uva.nlExternal link).