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New at the UvA? Get daily tips on our socials

Published on 16-08-2023 12:30
What does my campus look like? What can I do in my free time? And how do I survive on a bike in Amsterdam? You’ll find answers to all these questions and more this summer on our socials. This way you’ll be prepared for your new student life before you even start your studies.
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What is your study programme?

This summer you’ll find every day all kinds of handy tips for new UvA students on our InstagramExternal link and TikTokExternal link accounts. There will be personal video’s from students, but also a campus tour and information about study associations. You can even ask specific questions at the Q&A session on our Instagram stories. Our series of tips and tricks for new students will run until the first day of the academic year. Throughout the year you’ll be able to find lots of other relevant content on our social media accounts.