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Faculty Student Council (FSR) at UvA Economics and Business

The Student Council (FSR) consults with the Dean of the Faculty on behalf of the students about Faculty policy in general and student matters in particular.

It is both a consultative body and a lobby group, and has considerable powers to influence the policy followed by the Dean of the Faculty. The most important of these are the right to consultation and the power of veto. The FSR can also take its own initiatives. It must clearly communicate the wishes of students to the Dean of the Faculty, which in turn means that it must stay in close contact with them. Consultations with the Dean of the Faculty are conducted both formally and informally.


The Faculty's Student Council has eight members, who are elected annually. Unless otherwise resolved, its meetings are held in public. Two members of the Student Council also sit on the Central Student Council (CSR). This consults with the Board of Governors on behalf of all the students in the University. In this way, the interests of students are represented at the highest level within the institution. Meetings with the Board address aspects of University policy.


The elections for the Student Council are held annually. If you are interested in becoming a member of the FSR, please contact the Student Council. Candidates are entitled to claim campaign expenses from Faculty funds.