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Diversity at UvA Economics and Business

Diversity at UvA Economics and Business

A Diversity Committee was established at UvA EB in 2018, made up of academic staff, support staff and students. The Committee's goal is to create a more diverse and inclusive faculty for students and employees.

  • UvA Economics and Business 2019-2020 Diversity Action Plan

    The faculty's aim is to create a climate and culture where the faculty is enriched by its diversity, where all staff and students, regardless of their differences, are included as part of the academic community. To bring this about, the UvA EB Diversity Action Plan was drafted, containing the focus areas and scope of the faculty’s diversity policy, as well as a set of concrete measures to be taken.

  • EB Diversity Officer

    Siri Boe-Lillegraven was appointed Faculty Diversity Officer (FDO) on 1 November 2019. As FDO, she will continue working on shaping faculty diversity policy.

    dr. S.N. (Siri) Boe-Lillegraven

    Faculty of Economics and Business

    Section Strategy & International Business

  • Committee members

    The  members of the faculty Diversity Committee are:

    • Godwin Acheampong (student)
    • Alexander Alexiev (academic staff/ABS)
    • Liban Bille (support staff Executive Programmes/ABS)
    • Siri Boe-Lillegraven (academic staff/ABS)
    • Renee Dijkhuis (student)
    • Kevin Koenrades (support staff/ESC)
    • Mashiho Mihalache (academic staff/ABS)
    • Hessel Oosterbeek (academic staff/ASE)
    • Evalien Rauws (support staff/ESC)
    • Shaul Shalvi (academic staff/ASE)
    • Audrey Stevenson (support staff/ESC)
    • Lianne Verhoef (support staff/(Career Centre)
    • Pushpika Vishwanathan (academic staff/ABS)
    • Meike van Vlerken (former student).

    The Committee is chaired by Siri Boe-Lillegraven, UvA EB Diversity Officer.

  • Diversity at the UvA

    The University of Amsterdam's aim is to be an environment where all students and staff feel at home, regardless of their background. Everyone connected to the UvA should have the opportunity and scope for their personal development. Because each faculty has its own identity and specific issues, each faculty has its own Diversity Officer and Diversity Committee, in addition to the central organisation. They determine diversity policy at their own faculty together with their community and stakeholders.